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Before mailing us, please be sure to read UIC Faq, our Forum and only if you can't find an answer, or you really need to contact us, send an email. And don't forget Bart's advise:


Want to Republish our Tutorials?

Sure you can, but read our Policy:

You Can

  1. Republish everything you find here
  2. Change document(s) layout to fit your needs
  3. Mirror this site (please tell me if you put your mirror online)

You must clearly report the origin of our documents, that is: This document comes from http://quequero.org

You Can't

  1. Alter the author name, reference, address. Keep the credits!
  2. Directly link our tools to your site, I'm sorry but we really don't have so much bandwidth
  3. Directly link our images to your site, for the same reason
  4. Use our source codes in commercial products without asking first to the author
  5. Close the source of an application if it wasn't a closed source program
  6. Steal credits. Google is our friend, soon or later we'll find it out

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If you want to mail me, write to: Que addr.gif, please don't ask to reverse this or that program, I won't reply to such questions, I have no time for me, so it's unlikely I'll have time for others, ok? :). Feel free to encrypt your messages with PGP/GPG, click here to download my public key, or if you want to get the key directly from a keyserver, this is the ID: 0xF5D477F4.
If you want to know something about me, visit my Personal Page on this wiki.


You can contact AndreaGeddon here: andreageddon (at) hotmail (dot) com


You can contact TinMan here: tinman (at) thepentagon (dot) com


Most of us are often on IRC, so get a decent client like mIRC or Xchat and join our room:
Server: irc.azzurra.org