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Help:Quick Guide to Publication

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First step

Before being to publish, you must be subscribed to UIC Forum, after that you'll have to ask Quequero, via PM or by mail, for editing rights.

I don't know how wiki works

Don't worry, you need only 5 minutes to learn:

  1. Go with your browser to: http://quequero.org/Tutorial_Title, anyway we recommend to try before on Sandbox, and then make the page :).
  2. Click on edit to start editing (you must have editing rights)
  3. Copy the code above and paste into new page

// This is mandatory Categories list http://quequero.org/Help:Categories

// Don't wrap![[Category: year (in yyyy format)]]


Quick Guide to Publication
Author: Autor
Email: Email
Website: Home page
Date: day (in dd format)/month (in mm format)/[[:Category:

year (in yyyy format)| year (in yyyy format)]] (dd/mm/yyyy)

Level: No brain needed
Language: Language
Comments: Comments, if you want


Here goes the introduction, the part between