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RootSmart Android Malware Analysis.jpg
RootSmart Android Malware Analysis

Lately it came to my attention that a new malware was taking advantage of the famous GingerBreak exploit to gain root privileges on infected phones. RootSmart, the name given to the malware by the people who identified it first, is the second application found in the wild making use of an exploit (the first one was GingerMaster detected back in August 2011)...

Courtesy of InfosecInstitute: RootSmart Android Malware Analysis...
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Vehicle spy 3 reversing.jpg
Vehicle spy 3 reversing

Ciao a tutti premetto che per me questo è il primo tutorial quindi mi scuso se non riuscirò a spiegare alcuni concetti (per me ancora sconosciuti essendo un newbie).
Per caso sono incappato in questo software.

Questo software permette di analizzare, sniffare ed emulare le comunicazioni in linea Canbus ampiamente utilizzate nel settore automotive..
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Debugging Deadlocks on Android.jpg
Debugging Deadlocks on Android
Deadlocks are well known to be difficult to debug, especially when you're dealing with a large amount of concurrent code. Fortunately on Android we have some tools that are more than useful to detect where a deadlock is happening...
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Criptoanalisi Zorks56 crackme.jpg
Criptoanalisi Zorks56 crackme

Crittografi contro Criptoanalisi dunque; la storia è pervasa da questi scontri: Vigenere contro Babbage, la macchina tedesca Enigma contro Turing … Zorks56 contro NOI! Si, avete letto bene, in questo gioco delle parti, noi saremo i criptoanalisti dell’ algoritmo di cifratura di Zorks56 e nel presente tutorial cercheremo di mettere in evidenza le debolezze di tale schema di protezione per carpirne i

segreti. Buona lettura! ..
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Shylock via volatility.jpg
Shylock via volatility
Shylock is a new Financial Malware, publicly reported for the first time on 7 September 2011. Additional informations on can be checked out from Mila's blogpost http://contagiodump.blogspot.com/2011/09/sept-21-greedy-shylock-financial.html..
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Soluzione guelter2.jpg
Soluzione guelter2

Risolviamo il crackme guelter2 [Crackme Contest 2011]

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Morto Malware Analysis.jpg
Morto Malware Analysis
Today we're going to analyze Morto.A a malware which, in this weeks, is spreading in many Internet places. It's a worm that allows unauthorized access to an infected computer and tries to compromise administrator passwords for Remote Desktop connections, through RDP protocol, on a network. Indeed this threat infecting computers by targeting accounts that have "weak" passwords...
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Soluzione secondo crackme di Zorks56.jpg
Soluzione secondo crackme di Zorks56
Risolviamo il secondo crackme di Zorks56...
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Carberp Reverse Engineering.jpg
Carberp Reverse Engineering
We are going to talk about Trojan Banker Carberp from a Reverse Engineering point of view. Carberp is a Botnet delivered in the usual ways of Blackmarket selling, designed to be a Trojan Spy and specifically a Banker similar to SpyEye and ZeuS, able to perform Man in the Browser attacks, steal victim credentials, kill antivirus softwares, remove other bots like SpyEye and Zeus and much more.....
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Rootkit 64bit Banker.jpg
Rootkit 64bit Banker
Rootkit Banker Win64.Banker Reverse Engineering, this is the first rootkit able to steal banking account credentials even on x64 systems. We'll take a look into the functionalities of this interesting rootkit, focusing mainly on the techniques used to disable UAC, to install the certificate and to steal information from the infected machines...
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