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UIC Students

  • Alfa62
    Alfa62's page

  • AndreaGeddon
    AndreaGeddon's page

  • Antelox
    Antelox RCE blog

  • Epokh
    Epokh's page with many docs about robotics, reversing and more

  • EvilCry (offline)
    EvilCry's page has many tutorial about cryptoreversing

  • Itassembly
    The homepage of #asm

  • Locu
    Locu's page

  • MrCode
    MrCode's homepage: bootloader, os developping and more

  • Pincopall
    Pincopall's page has a big collection of reversing tutes

  • Reversing folies
    A blog about some coding and reversing experience

  • Spider
    Spider's homepage

  • Zairon Blog
    My infected computer

  • Zero_G
    Zero_G's homepage

Italian Underground Links

World Reversing Links

  • +Fravia original web site
    Hosting: +HCU Academy of reverse engineering, +ORC lessons, and more others.

  • +Malattia
    Best riddles site of this world :)

  • 29A
    The famous virus ezine

  • Arteam
    One of the most active REC Team in public scene

  • BIW
    Reversing and Cryptography tutorials

  • Collaborative RCE Tool Library
    Collaborative RCE Tool Library allows anyone to downloads and instantly add, edit or update information about all their favorite tools

  • Crackmes
    Crackmes' challange

  • EOF-Project
    Electrical Ordered Freedom was interested in virus-writing, security, cryptography, graphical art and some other misc stuff.

  • Exetools
    One of the most active reversing forum

  • Fravia's Searchlores
    The site of the great Fravia

  • GameCopyWorld
    All about game copying

  • Government Security
    Information Security and Hacking Articles

  • HexBlog
    IDA Pro blog

  • KDB
    Built-in Kernel Debugger for Linux

  • NTCore
    Daniel Pistelli's technical homepage

  • Nynaeve
    Ken Johnson kernel-0 reversing

  • OffensiveComputing
    It's like an anti-virus company, but without that fake "We're better than you" attitude."

  • OpenRCE
    The professional side of Reversing, with tutorials and blogs

  • RCE Directory
    RCE Directory of blogs, tools and websites

  • The Reverse Engineering Forum
    Forum of REA II

  • RET
    Elite group of RCE scene

  • Tuts 4 You
    The Biggest(?) rce tutorials database

  • Uninformed
    Uninformed is a technical outlet for research in areas pertaining to security technologies, reverse engineering, and lowlevel programming

  • WoodMann Forum
    Famous international RCE Forum

Security Team Blogs


World Hacking Links

  • (IN)SURE Megazine
    (IN)SECURE Magazine is a free digital security publication discussing some of the hottest information security topics.

  • Black Hat Academy
    The Blackhat Academy contains archives of things like shellcode, programming, exploitation, administration, and more.

  • Black Hat Briefings
    The Black Hat Briefings are a series of highly technical information security conferences

  • Ettercap
    Ettercap man-in-the-middle suite, from Alor & NaGa

  • Hack a Day
    Everyday a brand new hack

  • Hakin9
    IT security magazine

  • Mayhem
    Home page of it.comp.reti.cisco, and HHP

  • NMAP
    NMAP site

    OWASP is a worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of software

  • Packet Storm
    Information and computer security full disclosure web site

  • Phrack
    Phrack is Phrack

  • Rootkit

  • Secunia
    Provides security advisories and information about patches, and provides software for vulnerability management.

  • Soft Project
    BFI ezine's fathers


  • Exploit Database
    Exploits, Shellcode, Vulnerability reports, 0days, remote exploits, local exploits, security articles, tutorials

  • Inj3ct0r
    The ultimate archive of exploits and vulnerable software and a great resource for vulnerability researchers and security professionals.

Programming links

Hack Meetings

  • Chos Computer Camp
    Every four years, the Chaos Communication Camp is the outdoor alternative for hackers worldwide. The camp is organized by The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) an organization of hackers.

  • End Summer Camp
    ESC is a meeting of people interested in Free Software, Hacking, Security. Contents are always work in progress on this wiki, and are created by partecipants.

  • Hackmeeting aka Hack-IT
    L'hackmeeting e' l'incontro delle comunita', delle controculture digitali e non, e delle individualita' che si pongono in maniera critica e propositiva rispetto all'avanzare delle nuove tecnologie.

  • Security Summit
    Security Summit è il nuovo appuntamento per tutti coloro che sono interessati alla sicurezza dei sistemi informatici e della rete e, più in generale, alla sicurezza delle informazioni.

Other links