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UIC Archive
Welcome to UIC's historical archive. All of our essays starting from 1999 are currently archived here in read-only mode. If you're looking for the new website, please visit UIC R.E. Academy

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Guide storiche cracking.jpg
Guide storiche cracking
In guesta pagina ci sono le guide che hanno fatto la storia del cracking italiano ed internazionale, i primi tutorial che circolavano alla fine dei '90 sul reversing in windows...
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Moca 2012 Resume.jpg
Moca 2012 Resume
Ecco a voi i riassunti fatti da chi è andato al Moca 2012 a Pescara, presi da questo post del forum: buona lettura ;)..
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Tutorial Guelter 2.jpg
Tutorial Guelter 2
Unpacchiamo e patchiamo la nag screen di questo crackme di Predator scritto in Visual Basic e compresso con UPX..
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DarkCometRAT Analysis.jpg
DarkCometRAT Analysis

On February 17th the CNN published an interesting article, where some Syrian’s regime opponents claimed that the government was using a Trojan to monitor and disrupt the protestor’s network. Apparently the regime has been using a well-known social engineering technique: impersonate a trusted person then attack from the inside...

Courtesy of InfosecInstitute: RootSmart DarkCometRAT Analysis...
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Reverse Dxtory.jpg
Reverse Dxtory

Occasionally, however, Reflector decompiled code allows us to remove only a portion of the limitations targets we are working on exhibit, and we are therefore forced to get our hands dirty with native code to complete our mission. One of these programs is Dxtory, which is currently at version

2.0.110. ..
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Università Italiana Cracking

Università Italiana Cracking is a website aimed to the diffusion of Reverse EngineeringReverse Engineering in informatics is the process of discovering the technological principles of a program through analysis of its structure, function and operation. Of course without having the original source code. knowledge, one of the most fascinating and complex disciplines of computer science. On this site you'll be able to learn the Assembly language, you can start reading our Base lessons, and when you'll be more skilled, our Advanced lessons. Of course we also have a huge collection of Tutorials, where thousands of different programs are reverse-engineered and analyzed.
If you are curious about the world of reverse engineers, subscribe to our Forum and read the rules for Publishing your tutorials. UIC provides various Mailinglist about the most interesting topics. Have fun with us!

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